In Bench Pitcher Rinser

In Bench Pitcher Rinser



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The In Bench Pitcher Rinser is MADE IN AUSTRALIA and built with 100% stainless steel and is designed to be recessed into any bench top. It features a stainless steel body and a stainless steel disk which can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement, it's square in shape and has a built in water and drain connections. Rinsers faciliate cleaning allowing for quick removal of milk deposits at the same time they lower the temperature of the milk jug so that the next batch of steamed milk can attain quality texture, great taste and consistency.

Rinsers are an essential product to have next to a coffee machine in restaurants, cafes, bars, coffee carts and mobile vans as they save time and money and make rinsing shot glasses, pitchers and cups simple and easy. Rinsers also increase work flow by saving time running to the sink after steaming milk. To use, simply press the milk jug down on the disk and water will spray out to clean and cool down the milk jug making it ready for use. Milk Jugs should only be rinsed using cold water to bring the temperature down from a food danger zone, milk jugs need to clean and cooled down with cold water between each use for both sanitary purposes and acheiving quality texture to the milk. 


  • Dimensions: 180mm L x 165mm W x 100mm H
  • Cut Out Dimensions: 160mm L x 145mm W
  • Materials: Stainless steel 
  • Care Instructions: Simply rinse or wipe down 
  • Rinser Includes: Stainless steel disk

Installation Requirements

The In Bench/Flush Mount Rinser is suitable for those who want to recess it into a counter and save space. The water and drain tubes connect to the bottom of the rinser. We recommend that the water pressure is 15-30PSI, if water pressure is over 400kpa we suggest a 350kpa pressure limiting valve to be fitted, this is to alleviate the possibility of the valve weeping or leaking and a 350kpa pressure limiting valve will also reduce the possibility of the seal being blown up over the feed holes which will restrict the water flow. To connect cold water a 3/8" Hose  (hot water damages the seals) is recommended, we suggest flushing the feed water lines to the rinser before installation especially on new water lines, to prevent any debris getting in to the valve which will cause the valve to leak.

We strongly suggest having the product in-hand prior to cutting counter tops. Urban Java is not liable for mis-calculated or mis-cut bench tops.

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