Lelit Diana

Lelit Diana



The Lelit Diana PL60T V2 is a dual boiler espresso machine capable of making espresso and steaming milk at the same time. The built in PID temperature controller ensures the brew water is always at the right temperature. It also gives the user the ability to change the brew water temperature depending on the type of coffee beans used.

Product Features
    300 ml brass boiler, to keep constant its water temperature and facilitate the coffee extraction.
    400ml stainless steel steam boiler for immediate steam.
    Anti-drop system with a three-way valve. It avoids the dropping of the main group once the coffee extraction process is over and also having to wait between two coffee extractions.
    Professional multi-directional steam wand that enables you to prepare easily creamy cappuccinos.
    Separate hot water dispenser.
    Water level control in the tank and automatic heating element cut off in cases of lack of water.
    Level probe to control the steam boiler level and switch for the steam boiler heating element.
    Electronic card for steam boiler water recharge.
    2 solenoid valves with switch: one for the steam supply and one for hot water supply.
    Relief valve for steam boiler pump.
    Stainless steel appliance body and cup warmer on top of the machine.
    Stainless steel, removable water tray cover for easy cleaning.
    Ready in 3 minutes.
    PID boiler temperature controller.
    Commercial 58mm LELIT filterholder to be operated with ground coffee.
    Double manometer to check the pressure in both boilers.
    Lever switches.
Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 30*28,5*39,5 cm
Weight: 14,7 kg
Tank capacity: 2,7 lt
Heating elements: 1200W + 1200W
Coffee boiler pump: 48W / 15 bar
Steam boiler pump: 21W / 4 bar