Rheavendors eC Pro E3 White VHO Rhea

Rheavendors eC Pro E3 White VHO Rhea



Rheavendors have been leading the coffee vending market since the 1960’s.  Their table top series has continued this success with the integration of the Variflex brewing system. 

This systems allows up to 15g of coffee in the heated metal group to ensure superior espresso quality at all times.  Variflex is a standard feature in both the Rheavendors Cino EC and Rheavendors Cino XS Grande Professionale and there a now a fresh milk delivery system which can be fitted to these models.  Both are also available in instant coffee version for high volume sites and is capable of filling jugs for venues that have a high demand for coffee and chocolate beverages.

Easy to use and refill
Innovative VHO brewing unit (only available on fresh bean machines)
Low energy consumption with the use of low voltage LED lights in door
Illuminated delivery area and selection buttons
Programmable standby mode option
Small footprint
Coffee (Beans and/or soluble), Milk and Chocolate
10 custom beverage menu options
Easy integrated cleaning system
Ability to be tanked or plumbed
RFID System
Compatible with coins or electronic cash-less systems (option)